Meet Fluffy!

When she first came to visit us she had just been adopted from a local rescue, she had been there for a while waiting for her forever home and no one wanted to adopt her due to her size.

 She was obese, her small frame weighing 15.5 lbs. and scoring 9/9 on our body condition chart. 

 Her paw-rents Joe and Faye fell in love with her sweet demeanor, but were eager to get Fluffy’s excess weight off as they recognized the disease risks associated with obesity (decreased lifespan, diabetes, osteoarthritis etc.)  Fluffy was sleeping a lot and was disinterested in playing.

 We started Fluffy on our Slim Fit Program right away, she loved her new food and treats! Fluffy started losing weight right away and quickly started playing more!

 Fluffy’s paw-rents were very diligent with her new lifestyle change and brought her in every 4-6 weeks to meet with Allyson for weigh-ins and one year later, Fluffy graduated our Slim Fit Program when she reached her ideal weight of 10.5 lbs., scoring 5/9 on our body condition chart, which is ideal!

 Congratulations Fluffy, Joe & Faye!!!