Jun 04 2020


With the great news that Nova Scotia Government has approved Phase One as presented by our provincial veterinary association, we have been busy preparing for June 8th.  We are looking forward to being able to offer a return to services like elective surgery, annual exams, non-urgent exams, nail trims and vaccines.  We are committed to ensuring we maintain protective measures for staff and clients as we move forward.

There is no standard approach to COVID-19 control in veterinary services that would apply to all situations and practice types. Rather, there is a set of expectations and areas of consideration that veterinarians and veterinary services must evaluate and apply, as applicable. There are also core personal health conditions that must be continued to be met and respected in accordance with provincial regulations.

Our door will remain locked and no clients will be able to enter the building for this phase. Contactless payment, no cash continues. E-transfer is not available.

Hours for appointments will now be available at selected times Monday-Friday from 9 AM-7 PM, we will be closed on Saturday and Sunday at the present time. Our staff will continue to work in team format splitting shifts mid week and not all staff are back to work as of yet for this phase.  Please appreciate that we ask for patience as a number of clients have had scheduled procedures postponed since March 23rd and we will honor those first.

There will be scheduled breaks during the days when the staff will be unavailable for telephone calls or to answer the door.  We continue to experience heavy volumes of calls and emails, but the staff does make every effort to clear all before the end of day.

Prescription and Food Requests should be made well in advance and expect a 24-hour window before you will be contacted and given a time for pick up.  This is a great time to visit our online store – order and purchase your product and we will get it ready for you!

Teleconsulting services will continue at this time.

Grooming appointments will now be arranged by the groomers.  Our groomers are each working with a team, Anne Marie Monday-Wednesday morning, and Michelle Wednesday afternoon thru Friday. They as well will be giving priority to postponed appointments and will be contacting their clients directly.  Any calls or emails will be forwarded directly to them, and it may be several days until they reply depending on their days of work.

If you don’t feel well, are displaying symptoms of COVID-19, you have travelled outside of Canada or you live in a household with someone who has COVID-19 or is showing symptoms of COVID – please do not come to the clinic.  If possible, send your pet with another person.  There will be no late cancellation fees at this time.

We are extremely proud of our staff who have worked tirelessly through the opening weeks of this pandemic and thank our clients as well for your support. 

We are also proud of our province for the direction they have taken to help ensure the safety of Nova Scotians.  We realize as you do, that we are not free of this pandemic for some time, and it is now more important than ever to remember the core rules of social distancing, practicing good hygiene always, use PPE as required, limit travel and continue to “Stay the blazes home” !

Take care, stay well!

The Carnegy Team