Oct 14 2020

October 14th 2020 Update

Our Nova Scotia Veterinary Association addresses the public in an open letter which is a good summary of the difficulties we experience in providing veterinary care to our client’s pets in 2020. 

Today, our team is taking another step forward in our ongoing efforts to ease some of the limitations we have in place yet with consideration to maintaining a safe environment for staff and clients.

While it is still required that you order retail items and prescriptions in advance, and wait until you are contacted for pick up times, we are now opening the doors to allow one client in the reception area at a time.  Please stay in the designated spot behind the table until we can serve you.   What we thought was a spacious reception area became very small when we started marking off social distancing!

If you have an appointment for your pet, please check-in upon arrival in our parking lot by phone or come knock on our door.  When we have a room sanitized and ready, we will ask you to come in with your pet. Once the appointment is completed, receptionists will meet the client in the consultation room for final steps.

All clients will be required to exit through the side door.  We are hoping that this will reduce the time waiting in vehicles for clients, and also better protect our staff’s health if they do not have to go out to vehicles for every transaction and delivery.

This may be modified moving forward – please read the signs posted at the entry.

Please be aware that our hours for days open past 4PM are irregular at present as we are short staffed.

The Carnegy Team would like to again thank you for your patience and understanding during these trying times.