Mar 20 2020

Metro Animal Emergency Update March 20th

Please read the following update from our partner, Metro Animal Emergency Clinic:


The weekend is almost upon us, and for the Metro Animal Emergency Clinic that means things will get even busier! A few points to mention :

Our hospital no longer has public access. This means our waiting rooms, lobby, washroom and visiting areas are off limits to clients.

When you arrive please call our number at 902-468-0674. We will provide over the phone check in service and ask that you wait in your vehicle until it is your pet’s turn to be seen. If you do NOT have access to a phone, knock on the door and wait for instructions.

As always, animals are seen in order of severity of condition, not order of arrival. Wait times may occur so please be prepared. We will see everyone as quickly as possible.

When it is your turn, animals will be collected at the door by our staff and brought to the veterinarian for examination. All conversation and further discussion will take place by phone.

Our staff will be wearing masks and gloves. This is to protect one another in our working environment – if one of us is ill and infects the others, we cannot care for your pet.

Thank you for your patience and compliance as we navigate these new waters. Our protocols are adapting and changing daily as new information becomes available. We are committed to providing the highest standards and our very best in animal emergency and critical care.