Jul 13 2020

July 13th Update

Update from our team!

Our first full week is now behind us and we are settling into more regular hours of operation and welcoming the staff back as one team!  Although we are still operating with curbside service for a while yet, we are now starting to schedule in the non-essential surgery and procedures that have been delayed during COVID.  Our veterinarians are keeping our surgery suite busy all day every day five days a week. 

Please note our hours of operation posted elsewhere on this website.

Our phone system is still overwhelmed but you can reach out by email to [email protected] .  Please allow time for replies to phone or email messages.

Prescriptions and retail food orders do still require two business days’ notice currently.  We have been limiting our automatic reminder system for vaccines but hope to have it open again soon!  Online booking should be re-opened soon.

Both our groomers are back full time, you can now email them directly at [email protected] .

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we move towards restoring more of our services.  Our staff have been working hard as we continue to maintain social distancing and the additional tasks of sanitation.  Please appreciate that a lot of services simply require more time than in the past.

Take care, stay safe!