Oct 19 2020

Essential Minds – Veterinary Technicians and the Pandemic

Congratulations to our own Kathleen Dunbar who was published this month in the AAHA “Trends” magazine that is circulated to all veterinary team members across North America!
Kathleen wrote an insightful article on how technicians struggled with mental health during the pandemic and interviewed over 30 people across North America. Yes, the struggle has been real in the veterinary profession and we salute technicians for their dedication to pet care!
Kathleen is a registered RCT, VTS(Clinical Practice Feline/Canine) and part of the Carnegy Team since 2008. She has the distinction of being the first Canadian to achieve VTS status on the initial exam which she did in 2016. Kathleen is currently working on her master’s in social work with the goal of specializing in veterinary mental health.
Kathleen’s busy agenda limits her time with us these days here at Carnegy Animal Hospital but we are excited for her career path.
AAHA has made this a public article so please feel welcome to read it her: https://www.aaha.org/publications/trends-magazine/trends-digital-archive/free-trends-article/