Apr 10 2020

COVID-19 April 10th Update

Sending everyone best wishes for the holiday weekend!  In this time of uncertainty, protocols and procedures change on a rapid level.  We wished to update you on the newest information as received from our provincial veterinary association(NSVMA) last evening April 9th.  This will clarify first and foremost, misleading information variously circulated from earlier in the week that veterinary practices in Nova Scotia were going to offer spays and neuters.  Please note that is not the case!  Note the following:

ACT 2004, c. 4, s. 1.  Clause 22 was once again amended.  The Clause now allows only veterinarians in not –for- profit practice with the SPCA in the Province of Nova Scotia to perform spays and neuters.

 “Effective March 26, 2020, all veterinarians, including veterinary surgeons and veterinary physicians engaged in for-profit and not-for-profit (SPCA) practice, may provide: (a.) in-patient emergency or urgent care services; (b.) essential veterinary supply chain services, such as prescription refills and prescription diets; and (c.) virtual care services if authorized to provide this care within their scope of practice and as established by their governing association, but only veterinary surgeons and veterinary physicians engaged in not-for-profit practice with the SPCA may carry out spay and neuter surgeries.”

 Amended April 9, 2020 

You will also read that due to the lengthening state of emergency in our province, we are now able to offer breeders first vaccines and health papers on their litters.   Consideration for lepto/lyme vaccines as spring lengthens into summer is now possible.

PLEASE be advised that over the weekend, our staff will be considering how best to offer these additional services to the essential/urgent cases we are servicing.  We must consider the safety and well being of our already reduced staff and remain committed to protecting the health of the public. We will update you as soon as we have more information!  Non-compliance to the Department of Health Order or to the guidance provided by the NSVMA if found to be in violation, could lead to the revocation of the Facility Accreditation Permit.  Please note the following:

 “Acknowledging that the NS State of Emergency will likely continue for longer than we can safely delay vaccinations, changes have been made to what are considered urgent vaccines in Nova Scotia. The NSVMA has been in consultation with Dr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez-Lecompte, Professor of Immunology at the Atlantic Veterinary College regarding essential vaccinations.  His recommendation is that all puppy and kitten vaccinations are essential beginning at 8 weeks of age. Health certificates can also be issued to these animals at time of these vaccinations. In addition, Leptospirosis and Lyme disease are emergent diseases in Nova Scotia which are more prevalent in some areas than others.  Due to the zoonotic nature of these diseases they may also be considered as essential vaccinations in your region. We do apologize for the confusion of the last few days and remind you to that veterinarians are also tasked with protecting the health of the public.

Take care, stay safe!

Carnegy Team