Oct 18 2012

Cesar Millan Live in Halifax

Cesar Millan Live will be coming to the Halifax Metro Center on Tuesday, December 4th, 2012.  We are excited to announce that Dr. Carnegy and Wendy Corkum, our veterinary assistant, will be providing veterinary services for this event.

About Cesar Millan Live

Cesar Millan shares his secrets, on how to transform dogs and their owners, in a unique LIVE EVENT. With his gift as an educator, Cesar will teach about his concepts using state-of-the-art multimedia, and some dogs and their owners too.

WHAT THE AUDIENCE WILL LEARN      How to become the Pack Leader as Cesar shares his insights about the things we do as humans, which create the problems in our dogs.To see the world through their dog’s eyes, by understanding dog psychology, and how this powerful knowledge can prevent and solve everyday behavioral issues. Understanding their own and their dog’s energy, and how by recognizing how they project their energy can transform their dog.By getting a thorough understanding of Cesar’s concepts, audiences will see the world through their dogs’ eyes, and clearly understand how his ‘fulfillment formula’ will change their relationship with their dog.

Dogs used in the seminar are Adult Hyperactive, Teenage and dogs, which have a fixation on objects.If you have any of your pets you think would beconsidered for selection, can you please go to the website www.cesarmillanlive.com.